Crossdressing Hypnosis – You Want To Be A Girl.

Enjoy this simple crossdressing hypnosis exercise. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as the many people who follow me on Youtube.

If you love to sleep in lingerie, listening to this before you fall asleep will bring an added pleasure.

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6 Replies to “Crossdressing Hypnosis – You Want To Be A Girl.”

  1. OH My Goodness Mistress Fiona: you know how to unlock the GURL inside of KELLIE, and grt my little Clitty so
    hard.⚘♀️. You make me feel like your Personal Slut!

  2. Thank You Mistress Fiona for your wonderful “Crossdressing Hypnosis – You Want To Be A Girl.”

    You have steered some deep feelings and I am feeling more
    than ever a girl !


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