How to talk to your partner about crossdressing- Part 1.

The first thing to remember here is that your going into this with a plan.  You’re not just going to spring it on her, and hope for the best.  Far from it.  By the time the issue comes up you’re going to have laid the groundwork for this to work beautifully.

So, I want you to follow this plan pretty closely.  And by the way, we’ve used this with many members in the past, and they’ve reported great success. You’re not going into this cold.

The first part of the plan is very simple. You’re going to mention how your eyebrows look messy, and as you get older you’re aware of it.  There’s a few themes going to be subtly at play here, so you want to follow this plan closely.

Be sure to say to your partner how good they always look. Complement them on their eyebrows, and ‘how do you keep them so neat and smooth?’ By asking them you are going to be helping them feel good about talking about this simple and innocuous detail.

Mention how you know some other men have them trimmed. Comment about how silly that seems, but at the same time mention that you are aware that others look more manicured than you. ‘I wish I looked so good.’

The next part of this first part of the plan is to be just a little manipulative. It’s not going to seem that way, but that’s the beauty of having a good plan. You are setting your partner up, because you know where this is going.

You’re going to say very publicly in front of friends and family how understand your partner is about so many things. You needn’t say it, but you’re intimating that your partner is sexually very understanding. “She’s always very accepting of my eccentricities.”

It’s important that you say this where she is going to hear your comments. You are planting the seed of an idea. Before very long she’ll be thinking of herself as very accepting. Remember, what you’re doing here is laying the groundwork for what’s going to come next.

So, by this stage you’ve put a little harmless idea in her head about the fact that you want to look a little better, and how she is so accepting of change and all those intimate aspects of your life that other, less forward thinking people might struggle with. You are quietly creating a standard for her to live up to.

You’ll have made these suggestions separately and over a period of about a week. So, keep in mind that like all good plans, you’re laying the groundwork for your next move. Nothing you’ve said or done is very unusual, and no one could really take offence about it. However, you’ve created a solid foundation from which to build.

It’s going to be fun taking things to the next level.

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