You’re going to thank me, believe me.

I’ve been chatting with a few of the members this week and we’ve been talking about how people are handling social distancing and isolation. Rainbow, Sebastian’s sister, appears to think it’s all a hoax and that it’s really just the authorities trying to disguise the fact that this is the dawn of the zombie apocalypse. She seems to think that’s why the streets are so empty. She says they don’t like the sunlight.

There have been some great suggestions in our Whatsapp Group for activities that make this period a little more fun. When Sophie asked what she could do to keep feeling feminine, Lenni suggested going out and getting some clear nail polish – even if you’re unable to dress in public. It helps you look after your nails and feel feminine.

Among the more outlandish beliefs and suggestions I’ve come across I suppose I should include Amanda, who is pretty sure she saw an alien ship arrive in her garden the other night. I have chatted with her about this and currently the best suggestion is that they got lost trying to find a gas station with cheap gas. I’m not buying it, though. I highly doubt a super advanced race would either use a carbon based fuel, or cross many light years of space and not know how to use Google Maps.

Working from home is nothing new to me. I love to work from my kitchen, or my garden, however late in the week I did get a flurry of calls from one of my clients who we shall just call ‘Donald’. I help many prominent figures with their advertising and public relations. In this case he was quite distraught.

“Fiona,” he said pleadingly. “I did a bad thing.”

I listened as he told me what he’d done.

“Disinfectant! You suggested they inject disinfectant?” I said in horror.

“Believe me,” he said imploringly, “it just slipped out.”

Sometimes, as you probably know, it’s important to speak slowly when dealing with people who are either unfamiliar with the subject, or are so dumb they really don’t realise how dumb they are. I slowed my speech down a little more than I usually do when advising this particular client.

“That may have been unwise,” I said. “You could always blame your bone spurs. You could say they’ve been acting up and affected your speech. Perhaps it might be a good idea to keep quiet for a little. I think you should step back a little. You’ll be happier that way.”

So, I don’t think you’ll be seeing much in the way of briefings in the next day or two. Now you know who to thank. At that point in the conversation I think Kelly Anne Conway came into the Oval Office and gave him his medication and a nice cup of warm milk and brought him his blanket.

It’s a great time to get into some of the wonderful hypnosis files on my website.  Even Stacy, Mistress Meg’s assistant, has been busily making some for our lucky members. You can find some more here.

In the meantime, Lenni, one of the members of our Whatsapp Group – who happens to be a bee keeper – has been keeping busy preparing for the late spring and summer. As you likely know, bees do die off quite often. She’s only got a few dozen left after the winter, so she’s waiting for some new bees. As Jules pointed out in the Whatsapp Group, “I’m looking forward to seeing her 38 bees soon.”

Apparently there’s a fair bit of maintenance involved in bee keeping. I am told Lenni’s neighbor helps her prepare, and clean the beehives. Apparently he helps as she hands him the frames and he cleans the dust and wax off. At least, I think that’s what she said.

Sebastian and his room-mate are both keen health fanatics. As well as doing yoga, Sebastian enjoys martial arts. He tells me he has been enjoying some of this period exchanging blows with his room-mate. I mentioned to him that I had a few concerns about that.

“Can’t you pick up a virus like that?” I asked.

“Oh, no!” he said. “We’re very safe.”

Remember, those who maintain social distancing and practice an intelligent level of caution will do better than others. An interesting mini-fact for you is that New Zealand, who managed to institute a quick policy of isolation and social distancing have at last count (April 26th) a total of 19 deaths from Corona virus. It doesn’t take a ‘stable genius’ to realise that there may be something to learn from that.

Have a lovely weekend.


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