Oakley Dale – Feminize your man Part 4

You’ll see from the first 3 periscopes in this series that you’ve got him used to taking instruction from you by now. You can find those easily by going to fionadobson.com and using the search box to find ‘Feminize your man’. So, your little gurl is behaving pretty well by this stage. She has a good idea that she’s never going to have sex in the way he used to have in his previous life. Now everything’s different.

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How to feminize your man – Part 3 – with Oakley Dale

Part 4 can be found HERE.


Now, you’ll remember that he’s been locked up in the chastity device for two weeks now, so he’s pretty desperate for anything he can get.  Well this is when you offer him a deal.  He really wants an orgasm by now, so you’re going to offer him something a little different. Here’s how it’s going to go.

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A wig – The crossdressing accessory that changes everything.

crossdressing wig
A wig allows you to adopt a new personality. Put it on, and feel the change!

If you’ve read Clothes Maketh The Man, you’ll know that when Andy found he’d been dressed and prepared, it was the wig that was the most personality changing accessory. So it will be for you.

As you put on the wig and apply a little eye makeup you will rapidly discover that your self image changes. Wigs have a powerful psychological impact on the wearer. You’ll start to see a different person before you – and feel a different person within you.

Below is a selection of wonderful wigs that can be bought online and delivered to you in plain packaging. The wig selection below is designed to give you an entry into the world of hair. Most are budget priced, and wigs can be very expensive, particularly when made of human hair. Before deciding on an expensive wig, try one or two more budget priced options. This will give you an idea of color, and length that will best suit you. FD

How to feminize your man – Part 2 – With Oakley Dale – Crossdressing

 Part 3 can be found HERE. Be sure your register and log in.

You can find part 1 – here: http://fionadobson.com/oakley-dale/how-to-feminize-your-man-part-1-with-oakley-dale/


These instructions are very simple, but they take time. There’s no point rushing this, and you’ll fin it far more enjoyable if you invest the time and effort to make the changes lasting or even permanent. If you haven’t heard the first in this series, just look for the link on FionaDobson.com.

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How to feminize your man – Part 1 – With Oakley Dale

Part 2 can be found HERE.

These instructions are very simple, but they take time. There’s no point rushing this, and you’ll fin it far more enjoyable if you invest the time and effort to make the changes lasting or even permanent.

So, here’s how you start – and I suggest you don’t really tell him much about what you’re doing. We all love surprises, right?

So, the first step is really simple. All you need to do is, one night when it seems he’s eager to have sex, and you can make that happen by teasing him a bit, or denying him anything for a while, you’re simply going to ask him to wear your panties while he makes love.

Now, don’t push it further. Just ask him to, and tell him it makes you feel really turned on. Most guys will go for this. If you need to, just tell him it gets you excited about a lesbian fantasy you have. Don’t worry, he’ll go for it.

You’ll probably find he likes this exercise, but the next one is going to be more challenging, so you need to be quite insistent. Wait for a few days, and keep telling him how hot it was when he made love to you in your panties. But now you’re going to ask him if he wouldn’t mind shaving for you. You want him to shave his pubic hair and also his legs.

When you do this tell him that you actually find that men’s body hair really grosses you out. You had a previous boyfriend who understood, and when he shaved it became so much more sensual for you. In fact he found it more intimate too, and the sex was way better.

After he’s shaved once, insist he keeps his genitals and legs shaved. Each time you make love tell him how you like it so much more now. Suggest to him that he seems to be enjoying it more now, too.

Now, you’re a week or so into this exercise now, which is when you tell him that you want him to wear your panties every time you have sex. Tell him, you’d do the same for him – and that you really admire a man who is so committed to pleasing you.

When you buy feminine razors, about this time, start buying him feminine razors. There’s little difference other than the color, of course, but you are beginning to condition him into this new behavior. At this stage he’ll have little idea that you are modifying his behaviour – but that’s OK.

In fact, it suits you just fine.

Now, I’m happy to answer your questions – but if you’re enjoying this, then perhaps you should check out http://FionaDobson.com – where you can learn all about crossdressing. And if you want to feminize your boyfriend, be sure to look out for Part 2 in this 3 part series, by following me on Twitter and Periscope. That way you’ll know when I’m doing them, but they’re also on FionaDobson.com – You can also find more of my Periscopes at http://OakleyDale.com