How to talk to your partner about crossdressing. Part 4

Part 1 can be found HERE.

At this stage you’re beginning to move your partner toward acting in a specific manner with you. She’s been primed, sees herself as a liberal thinking and open to intimate suggestions (after all, everybody sees her that way), and she sees herself as being in control in a liberated and powerful way.

This is exactly how you want her to feel. Most women who find themselves confronted with the idea of their man wanting to wear a skirt, feel confused and powerless. You’ve set up the reverse of this, and she likes it. At this point she has no idea why she likes this feeling, but you’ve created a carefully crafted scenario that serves our purposes well.

By the way, at any stage, if she turns and says, “This is a bit weird,” you can easily shrug and just dismiss it. Likely it would be because you’ve tried to rush things. Instead taking it slowly is a far better idea. It will feel better to you, and she’ll gently move a little further into the snare.

At this point it’s time for you to start moving to generally slightly more androgynous clothing. Nothing particularly startling. Just start to choose slightly looser sweaters, and tighter jeans. Ideally you’d want to be able to imagine that if you put on a hair of heels and a belt at the waist you could almost be crossdressing. Now, you’re not going to do that just yet – at least not in front of your partner – but you should be aiming at that level of clothes.

As you begin to dress in this way, start paying particular attention to what she wears.  Start matching the colors, and she will subconsciously start associating your clothes and hers. The ‘gold star’ performance at this point would be (if your sizes were similar) if she asked you to borrow something for her to wear. For most couples that’s unlikely to happen, as sizes are often different. Either way, that’s where you want to be moving.

As you comment on her clothes, do so positively. ‘You’ve always been so good at that!’

You’re almost ready for the final step.

The final part can be found HERE.
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