I have a couple of cycles, and love to whip them out in the sunshine!

I have a couple of bicycles and like to whip them out whenever I can.

The spring sunshine is a delight in Vancouver at this time of year. I love to peddle through the city on these lovely seasonal days, on the cycle paths that slice through the worst of traffic.

I do remember cycling in the city prior to the introduction of sensible cycle paths. It too was lovely, although cyclist did seem to compete for space as hood ornaments on passing SUVs. It’s so much better now.

And this week I’ve been particularly busy. Those of you who enjoy Clothes Maketh The Man will be delighted to know that Part 55 is now out. You can find a complete chapter list here.

As you likely know it is Mother’s Day in North America today. Those of you who forgot, you’ve still got a little time to do a late recovery! As my dear mother passed on some years ago I find myself hanging out with other motherless trans gurls.

I would have been hanging with Sylvester, but he called me rather excited to tell me he is going over to visit Marjory, my neighbor and Amanda’s lover, and is apparently going to wax her Volvo for her. It all sounds very suspicious to me.

Have a lovely day,


Is Marjory Taylor Greene a man?

I was sitting at my breakfast table this very morning when my friend Rainbow arrived a little early for an enjoyable get together we have once a week to paint each other’s toe nails.  As it happened Sylvester was at my place doing some odd jobs, having recently changed my oil and having had a quick look at my plumbing.

As As you likely know, Rainbow is my personal trainer’s sister.   She is somewhat winsome and fey, being of the komboucha ilk, but I do enjoy her company, except when she’s talking about her new organic kale based vaginal hygiene regime. Urgh. However, increasingly disturbed by upheavals in the US based political landscape, Rainbow came out with a rather startling thought this morning.

“I think Marjory Taylor Greene is probably a man,” she declared while sipping an organic ethically sourced coffee.

“That seems just a little unlikely,” I replied. “Although the pronounced jaw and sloping forehead do suggest something of a throwback look. But I really think someone might have noticed. Her husband, perhaps.”

“No, really,” she insisted.  “Think about it.  The intransigent polarized attitudes, the selective memory and the ego being out of proportion to her abilities or usefulness… Do I have to go on?”

Penis envy is a common issue with people who like to be photographed with their weapons out.

At this moment Sylvester pulled his head out from under my sink and surfaced from having tweezled my flange pipe and said, “That one does seem obsessed with whipping out her weapon at inappropriate moments.”

I glanced down at Sylvester and commented, “Yes, she not alone in that.”

“You mean that ridiculous Christmas card?” said Rainbow.

“Oh yes,” I agreed. “I am told that people who like to be photographed with their guns have penis envy. I think the psychotherapist who came up with that idea was generally referring to men, but I think you may be onto something.”

I thought about it for a moment then asked Sylvester, “Would you sleep with them?”

“God no!” replied Sylvester. “I have some self respect.”

“I think that clinches it,” said Rainbow, looking into the deep distance, toward my azaleas lost in thought. “They must be a man. Besides, anyone who feels safe around Matt Gaetz must be male – and he was there in that courtroom wearing some sort of truss on Friday.”

I suppose that if MTG really is living life across the gender bar in fairness I should support their lifestyle choice. I don’t have to agree with political insanity, but I should go on record saying I do support their gender journey.

As you know, I don’t generally involve myself in politics, it being such a sordid affair.  I should however point out that in the last few weeks there have been numerous attacks on both trans rights and women’s freedoms around abortion.  Having lived in numerous countries around the globe I find this not only disturbing, but something out of step with the rest of the global community. It really seems that GOP policy on gender issues seems to have lowered the bar so conclusively that even countries like Malawi and Uganda are surpassing some US states in their progressive approaches to these very same rights. It doesn’t seem very forward thinking to a crossdressing gender fluid advertising account executive like myself. But what do I know?

I hope you’re having a delightful week. Most important of all is to keep a smile on your face and keep on keeping on. Enjoy the music offering below.  It came to me one night when I was being hit on by a rather sweet flight steward from South West Airlines. Sweet, but clueless. The way I like them!



It’s true — As a crossdresser I miss the lockdown.

As life slowly returns to normal and we remove the nails that we used to nail our front doors closed it’s time to re-emerge into the sunshine of spring in North America. How wonderful to get out more, and smell the sweet aroma of horribly expensive gasoline as people start to drive back to work and travel once more.

As crossdressers, trannies and other seafarers on this gender fluid sea, it is up to us, of course, to add to the aesthetic beauty of spring and the reawakening of the human race. Choosing a nice spring outfit, colorful and light, we can wear the clothes that bring back the joyful nature of this most fecund of seasons. You can use my Pinterest board on Spring Style to help you — https://www.pinterest.ca/fionadobson22/spring-crossdressing-style/ . And with good taste and subtlety and a little care we can do so without looking like complete tossers.

So, as we go forward grasping the pulsating stalk of this spring flower, we can step proudly into this new time. It’s not the return to ‘normal’, whatever that was, but it’s something different. Something we can appreciate more than once we did.

One thing that I am forced to consider, having watched any number of post apocalypse movies having grown up in the shadow of impending nuclear war, is that this idea of a return to ‘normal’ — so often reflected in such movies as people climb out of the rubble to rebuild the new world in the image of the old one — is that the ‘normal’ we left back in March of 2020 was not so normal after all. At that time we’d just seen an insurrection at the Capitol. We had white nationalists openly parading in the streets and a delusional former president having a tantrum and expecting Americans to change his nappy.

As we emerge we can see the spectre of war in Europe returning, and all that goes along with that. In other words, there is no ‘normal’. There never was. We live in an evolving world. And yet for us, who for many years have suppressed such a large part of our personality, this should come as no surprise. After all, we’ve always had to ‘carry on’ in spite of what we see around us. We’ve watched trans freedoms eroded, we’ve experienced our own internal wars, the struggle to live with the peculiarities of gender identity and psychology, and for many of us the continual denial of who we really are.

For many people the lockdown was a time they could cut out some of the chaff of life, and wear whatever they liked while working from home, and by the way you can’t tell what the others in the Zoom meeting are wearing out of frame.

With a smaller social ‘bubble’ than usual some of us were forced to weed out redundant contacts and connections. The contacts that are only there because they always were, doing the activities we do because it’s what we’ve always done.

I remember conversations in my previous marriage that went something like this:

Former Wife: “Let’s go to Jeff’s this Easter.”

Fiona: “But I don’t want to go to Jeff’s this Easter.”

Former Wife: “We always go to Jeff’s at Easter.”

I don’t even like Jeff. No one likes Jeff. And I especially don’t like the other guests, mostly because I think they like Jeff. So where is the logic in going to Jeff’s? Having a smaller but better group of people I consider my close friends is one part of the lockdown that I thoroughly enjoyed. After all, I need time to service my members — yes, seriously! The lock down allowed me to trim out parts of my life that were no longer important to me.

In this period as lockdowns and mandates become a thing of the past, we can start to adapt to this new world. In doing so it’s a perfect opportunity to trim out the things we don’t want to re-ignite. Perhaps if we loose a few of the negative aspects of the life we left behind. Personally I have done a few things you may wish to emulate.

1. I’ve gone through my contacts and lost at least 30% of people who I just don’t need swallowing up my time. Like most things that are worthwhile, friendships need to be worked at and maintained. If I am the only one doing the work then they can slip away.

2. I’ve stopped watching the news more than 2 times a day. Seeing Putin bouncing Trump on his knee so vigorously he ejaculates isn’t the way to get my day off to a good start. I don’t need to see the latest horror story about how awful life is — I know it’s not a picnic. Yet somehow we step forward in sheer stockings and panties and get on with it, don’t we? I just don’t need that stuff polluting my head 24/7.

3. I’ve maintained the healthy physical activities I enjoyed during the lockdown. I’m getting more out of these today, post lockdown, than I ever did before COVID. They give me joy and provide structure to my life that I enjoy.

4. I’ve rearranged my working style around this slightly smaller life and I find it works well for me. Working from home and being disciplined about limiting my work hours to allow a better work life balance has been life changing.

So, there’s a few ideas for you. It’s going to be different for all of us, but tossing out the bad, and maintaining the good is probably not a bad thing for us all.



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What’s that on your fingers?

I am no detective, but when you know Auntie Kittie is making jam, and the top of the cooking sherry is sticky… well, it doesn’t take much to know she’s getting into my stash of wine.

And speaking of your favorite auntie, she has some nephews from New Zealand staying, and she’s teaching them all about making jam. She told me this morning that she’s trying to get her hands on some plums, and possibly a cherry or two. She tells me she’s got plenty of fruit, though she did say she’d finished off her kiwis.

As you probably know I record some great hypnosis tracks, and having such a nice recording set up I allow some of my friends to use it for their own recordings. When I poked my head round the door just now I found Mistress Meg’s little helper, Stacey making a new recording for our Seahorse members.

I was quite shocked by the things she was saying. I had to listen, just for a moment. Stacey is so innocent looking. I was most surprised.

“You’re going to love dressing up for me tonight, aren’t you?” she said into the microphone.

“I know you’ve wanted to for a long time, but this time it’s something you’re desperate to do. And you know, I’ve known about it for a long time, I just enjoy you being awkward about it. But I also know that the longer I make you wait, the more desperate you’re going to be to do just exactly what I want.

And what I want is very important for you, isn’t it?

You want to serve me. You want to do whatever I tell you. Don’t you?”

I thought I’d better leave her to it after that. Well, you lucky Seahorses will be hearing from Stacey before long, I expect.



PS – I thought I’d add this great track from Def Leopard especially for all my fellow diabetics.

A little about my busy work day.

What a busy week it’s been . I’ve also nearly been rushed off my crossdressing advertising executive feet with work.

To give you an idea of my life at the agency I can give you a little window into typical day, since I know you’re sure to be interested.

Just yesterday I had to run into the office, which I generally avoid these days, but there were two or three meetings I had to attend. The agency handles a number of pro bono accounts for charities, and I often oversee these.

Called into the boardroom I listened to the new ideas for the Eczema fundraising campaign. Call it my sensitive nature, if you like, but when I get a good idea in my head it really is like an itch I have to scratch, which is why I keep such a tight handle on the accounts I run. I like to keep a close eye on the way the our clients are represented. I really don’t know why Desmond, one of the young account executives, would think that a scratch and win card would be an appropriate fund raising campaign for that particular account.

I was cornered at the watercooler between meetings at one point, by one of the boys in Creative.

“Fiona,” said Jeff, “you remember the lady that did that presentation on ‘Sexual Harassment in the Workplace’?”

“Which one,” I replied. “There were two of them. The tall one or the short one?”

“The one with the great rack,” said Jeff.

“Oh, that would be Joan,” I replied as I slipped away thinking that the workshop was lost on some of the boys in Creative. There was a smell of irony hanging in the air as I made my way back to my office to meet with the Leprosy Awareness Foundation delegation, who have asked us to come up with some ideas for their funding drive in a month or two.

An advertising agency brings a lot to a non-profit organisation such as this one. Sometimes the distance that an outside view can bring to an account will make all the difference. So, mentioning to the two very tightly wrapped and suited ladies sitting in my office, that a finger buffet may not be the best type of event at which to showcase their good work on behalf of the Foundation was something I had to tactfully suggest.

These are just some of the things that fill my day. You cannot imagine the relief of getting home, kicking off my heels and settling down for a nice cup of tea at the end of the day, Hannibal, my dachshund, sitting in my lap as I listen to a few gentle tracks to relax at the end of the day. I usually slip into some nice leggings and do a few stretches to finally let go of the office stress.

If you love to take great selfies, you might find the series I am running on the site this month of interest. You can find The Crossdresser’s Guide To Selfies HERE. Remember there’s a ton of free content on the site which you can access by drilling down through the tags at the end of the posts.

I do hope you’re enjoying the content on my site. If you’ve not already done so be sure to join one of my programs. If you’re already in one, thank you. I really do appreciate the support of my members. Oh, that reminds me! I have to prepare some ideas for a new client that manufactures brassieres.

Have a lovely week.