Keeping it simple.

I have always liked leotards. I’ve written a few pieces about the versatility of this piece of clothing, here’s one piece – 

So many of us agonize over finding clothing that fits perfectly. It has to be said that the beauty of this type of garment is that it fits most body types well. I like something that covers my shoulders and steers the eye toward a bit of cleavage.

It’s typical of Sylvester that when I say I am going to slip into something simple, he assumes I mean Rainbow. He really can be quite coarse at times. I find it good to give him a pre-emptive slap around the head now and then.

“What was that for?” he says.

“It’s for what you’re going to think, if you’re not doing so already,” I tell him helpfully.

I do like to steer people in a good direction. So, here’s a handy tip. If you like wearing jeans, think about getting a simple leotard that you can slip into, and suddenly you’ve got a very femme outfit which is simple to put together and always looks attractive.

Here’s a link to a leotard that’s only around $22 and is a great asset to any trans wardrobe.

I like to wear this type of thing with a pair of high waisted jeans. If you add heels it’s super femme. This is what I’m wearing this weekend.

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What’s that on your fingers?

I am no detective, but when you know Auntie Kittie is making jam, and the top of the cooking sherry is sticky… well, it doesn’t take much to know she’s getting into my stash of wine.

And speaking of your favorite auntie, she has some nephews from New Zealand staying, and she’s teaching them all about making jam. She told me this morning that she’s trying to get her hands on some plums, and possibly a cherry or two. She tells me she’s got plenty of fruit, though she did say she’d finished off her kiwis.

As you probably know I record some great hypnosis tracks, and having such a nice recording set up I allow some of my friends to use it for their own recordings. When I poked my head round the door just now I found Mistress Meg’s little helper, Stacey making a new recording for our Seahorse members.

I was quite shocked by the things she was saying. I had to listen, just for a moment. Stacey is so innocent looking. I was most surprised.

“You’re going to love dressing up for me tonight, aren’t you?” she said into the microphone.

“I know you’ve wanted to for a long time, but this time it’s something you’re desperate to do. And you know, I’ve known about it for a long time, I just enjoy you being awkward about it. But I also know that the longer I make you wait, the more desperate you’re going to be to do just exactly what I want.

And what I want is very important for you, isn’t it?

You want to serve me. You want to do whatever I tell you. Don’t you?”

I thought I’d better leave her to it after that. Well, you lucky Seahorses will be hearing from Stacey before long, I expect.



PS – I thought I’d add this great track from Def Leopard especially for all my fellow diabetics.

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Rainbow is doing ‘group’!

As you may know, I had suggested therapy to Rainbow, which she took to mean she should train in it, rather than find a decent therapist. As her training has progressed she’s become really quite animated in the subject.

She came over to breakfast just the other day and asked my advice about some marketing she was doing. As one of Canada’s leading crossdressing advertising executives I felt compelled to help. She showed me a draft of some promotional material she was getting ready for a counselling group she’s running.

“I’ve decided to form a meet up group,” she said.

“That’s wonderful. I’m sure that will be most helpful. And who is the group for,” I asked.

“Oh, it’s a meet up group for people suffering from social anxiety,” she said.

I looked at her doubtfully. I was immediately put in mind of a campaign for the Eczema Awareness Foundation which one of the junior members of the accounts team at the advertising agency I work at, had suggested. He seemed keen on the idea of a scratch card promotion until I explained that this might not be the best way to promote Eczema awareness. Rainbow’s idea of a meet up group for people with social anxiety seemed likely to have the same likelihood of success.

“You don’t think a meet up group might be a little hard to encourage people with social anxiety to participate in?” I said innocently.

Rainbow then showed me several of the photographs she was using to promote the group. I should point out that Rainbow, a yoga teacher, has a stunning body. However, the photographs were bordering on pornographic, they were so very explicit. I felt quite awkward looking at them.

“The pictures are lovely, Rainbow,” I said kindly, “but do you think them entirely appropriate for this group?”

She replied quite swiftly that “Inner beauty is in the third eye of the beholder.”

It’s hard to argue with logic like that.

“I’m sure these pictures are perfect,” I said.

I realize that it’s never easy working with people with challenges such as social anxiety. It can be a very serious problem for may people. It’s a good job I am blessed with such a sensitive nature, which is of course so common amongst those of us who are transgender. Sadly, my friend Sylvester is not so gifted in this department. He had suggested that they should have an Egg and Spoon race in the Special Olympics, for people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Really. He is the limit at times. Obviously Sylvester does not share my kindly nature.

As we go into the summer I hope you’ve found some great clothes to wear and that you’re enjoying the content on my site.  Be sure to drop by, and if you’re not already on my Patrion by sure to look in on it. You can even use my ‘back door’ for just $1 a month!



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Auntie Kittie is riding ‘the cycle of abuse’.

Sylvester looked skeptically at the newspaper. He is one of the holdouts that do still read the physical paper, and his heavy knotted brow was twisted in concentration. His Neanderthal roots were showing.

“Did you see this?” he asked, while I was grinding the coffee.

“What’s that, Sylvester. The picture of Auntie Kittie’s niece in the Girl Scouts?” I replied.

“I don’t think that would make the pages of the New York Times,” he replied.

“Oh, I thought you were reading the local paper. Auntie Kittie’s niece Emma was in it. She got another badge. I think it was for fire starting, or gender awareness. Something like that.”

“She’s very proud of those girls,” said Sylvester. “But no. It’s this story. It says here that they’re making children have babies in Texas.”

“I hope the Girl Scouts down there are giving them a badge for teenage pregnancy,” I muttered.

“It’s this whole abortion issue,” he continued. “I can’t believe this is happening in the 21st century.”

“I can’t understand why anyone with either a daughter, a sister or a mother could possibly accept giving up the right to an abortion,” I said. “It’s like the whole world has gone mad.”

At that very moment I spied Auntie Kittie cycling up the road toward my house.

Sylvester glanced round and seeing her said, “Here she comes. She’s riding ‘the cycle of abuse’.”

“Why do you call her bicycle that,” I asked.

“Have you heard how it squeaks? She never oils it,” replied Sylvester, who is indeed of a mechanical bent.  He went on to say, “The last time that thing was lubricated they were still using whale oil.”

“Well,” I said taken aback. “I don’t think that’s a very nice way to talk about Auntie Kittie, Sylvester!”

You know Sylvester really can be quite coarse at times.

On a serious note, just keep in mind anyone who is aligning themselves with the denial of a woman’s right to choose, will be coming for us, too. It starts to make political decisions very simple. Whatever your past voting pattern, don’t be fooled into thinking this is your grand dad’s political environment. There’s already trans people out there fighting for their lives and loosing. Just ask Brianna Ghey or Nex Benedict.

I do hope you’re having a good week.  I am taking the time to catch up on a few things having been away for a little in Europe. A little what, you may well ask.  I won’t be answering that anytime soon! Let’s just say my body is feeling particularly tired, and like Auntie Kittie’s bicycle could indeed use a little lubrication.



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Sylvester slammed his tackle roughly in from behind!

As perhaps you know I am enjoying a little time away from the hard weather and have slipped of to the Baja, in Mexico. Such a delightful place. However, you can imagine the surprise when I received an excited phone call from Ali, my gardener.

“You should have seen it, Miss Fiona. Sylvester slammed his tackle roughly in from behind. I’ve not seen anything like it!”

As you’ve likely guessed, Ali has discovered ice hockey. Well, it had to happen. You can’t be in Canada for very long without being affected by this the national sport.

“It was wonderful,” said Ali. “He’s been on the game for some years, I hear.”

“I think you mean, ‘he’s been on the team’, Ali,” I corrected him. I really do worry about Ali’s English at times. I really must speak to his teacher.

Ali went on to tell me that Sebastian’s been going out with a new girl and is very taken with her. Apparently she’s very pretty but she has a squint. Unfortunately she’s unable to see him any more. Poor Sebastian.

I do like to keep up with the news at home as you can tell, but that’s not the main reason I’m writing. I thought I’d share some news with you.  I have added a new $1 level to my Patreon page. This allows you to penetrate just a little deeper without going to the full expense of the other programs.  I realise there are many things out there at present competing for your attention, and at such a difficult time it’s sometimes a little hard to justify the expense of a full program like the Premium Program for some of us. It’s important to me to be available to all my members, so I talked to Max about this and asked for his ideas.

He said, “You need to give people a different option. Some way to have a relationship without too much expense. You need some kind of ‘Back Door’. So, with this in mind I am inviting you to join my Patreon and use my ‘back door’ for just $1 a month. I think you’re going to like it. It’s exclusively on Patreon. Join here –



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PS. Just click any of the hotlinked names in the post to get more stories about that particular person. It’s a fun way to learn about my friends.

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The children of Ukraine need us. Support children in Ukraine by supporting Unicef’s work in Ukraine here.

Help! There’s a bunch of fascists at my Thanksgiving Dinner!

I hope you’re ready for the thanksgiving celebrations, where we turn to look at one another and count our blessings. A time when every self respecting crossdresser looks about at their closest family and wonders “Oh my god! Who the hell are these people!”

Yes, many of my members have said to me that this is one of the most challenging times of year for them. It ranks right along with Christmas, when friends and family wear their bad taste sweaters and we can barely find the time or space to slip into a nice pair of frilly panties or a simple skirt and blouse.

And, of course, there’s the family get together. That joyful time when our distant relatives become our nearest and not so dearest, reminding us that there’s a reason we don’t invite Uncle Billy Bob and his revolting offspring to visit every other weekend of the year. As they pull up, parking in the bike lane outside the apartment, in their Dodge Asshole Wagon, complete with confederate flag licence plate, we are can only reflect that it is sometimes our differences that make us strong. And that as they unload their arsenal of concealed carry weaponry, it sometimes isn’t.

As Sylvester told me just the other day, “My brother in law arrived, and I said to him to make himself at home.”

“Well, that’s very courteous of you, Sylvester. Well done,” I replied. I like to encourage any evidence of humanity in Sylvester.

He went on to say that his brother said, ‘I always do. Wherever I hang my hat is home!’”

His brother in law then took off his MAGA hat, hung it on the spare room door and went on to spend most of the weekend banging Sylvester’s long suffering sister while poor Sylvester ended up baby sitting their three revolting children. The weekend was only brought to a hurried close when one of their neighbours called to tell him that their landlord was loading their belongings onto a truck and they were being evicted.

Worried that he might have taken the whole ‘make yourself at home’ thing a little too literally, Sylvester waited till they’d hurriedly rushed home four hours away, and then packed his own place up, locked it securely, turned off his cell phone and went on an extended four day fishing trip with Bernard.

As much as we do love our families, many of us feel we don’t need to expose them to this particular side of our nature. As such, and I know this is hard, we sometimes have to smile and bite our tongue as we listen to their insane rhetoric and political views, and quietly remind ourselves, ‘it’s only once or twice a year.’ There are some arguments that there is no point engaging in.

In all seriousness, I do urge you as we go into this Thanksgiving holiday, when a family member bursts forth with some offensive views, ask yourself, ‘Is this an argument I can possibly win? Will Uncle Billy Bob really turn round later and say, ‘Gee, you know you’re right!’. If the answer is ‘no’, then I suggest you to learn the words that every good husband learns at some point in a marriage:

“You’re probably right, dear.”

One can learn to say those treasured words in such a way that everyone else around the Thanksgiving table knows damned well that what you’re really saying is, “You’re an uninformed bigoted idiot and you’re wrong”. We save our energy for the battles that can be won. They are more often subtle, the evidence of our own kindness, and the way we lead by example, allowing our sensitive more loving nature to lead our actions. We are, after all, the living proof of our worthiness.

So, how does one strike back? One does so quietly, with grace and calm. One way is to make sure you vote in all elections for people that share your values. Obviously today I am speaking mainly to my US audience, but these words are equally true wherever you are. For US members, understanding that many of the values presented by the Republican party are resulting in our sisters being targeted and abused is something we simply cannot ignore. While we may not change much by getting in an argument with Uncle Billy Bob, we can use our vote to instigate wider change.

Another way to help is, if you’re feeling strongly about these issues, back a politician who is making a difference for our community with a donation, even if it’s only a few dollars. I am not generally a fan of politicians, but these are trying times. I can wholeheartedly recommend Zooey Zephyr, who is doing great work in Montana. Even if you don’t live in Montana, helping Zooey is a good way to move our agenda forward. If we can make headway there, we will encourage people to come forward elsewhere.

And finally, if all else fails, you can become a member with me and support my work. I say that as, in my own small way, I do my best to be supportive to the trans community and many of my crossdressing members who cannot openly show themselves, by providing supportive content. I’m currently trying to rebuild my Patreon base, so even joining as a Good Gurl for just $5 goes a long way to delivering quality supportive material to your sisters.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and know that as one of my members, I give thanks for you.

Below is some good advice from Natalie Wynn, Contrapoints. Have a wonderful weekend.


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I think Sylvester took that whole ‘dance as if no one is watching’ thing a little too seriously.

I am sure you know, I work at an advertising agency. More accurately, I attend. Fortunately the partners seem to enjoy having me around.

As luck would have it I was invited to a party being thrown by one of the partner’s wives, and against my better judgement decided to bring Sylvester as my plus one. I should have realised this was a bad idea, but all the same Sylvester lurched his way into the beach front condo and mingled with the various guests. I knew a few of those invited, but to be honest I think I was only invited to bump the numbers up a little.

Across the room Sylvester quaffed his beer heartily and started in on another bawdy story to the poor man he was cornering.

“So, this priest, a hooker and a dwarf go into a bar,” said Sylvester. I decided to withdraw to the other side of the room. You know, Sylvester can be really quite coarse at times.

Instead I reluctantly listened to one of the guests walking me through her organic method of vaginal hygiene, and asking me if I thought it might have commercial potential. This is an occupational hazard when one is in marketing. One has to look interested and nod a great deal.

Chantelle, the partner’s wife, eventually collared me and to my surprise told me that they were so pleased I’d brought Sylvester, still talking to the pale looking man he’d cornered earlier.

“Really,” I said, quite puzzled. “Sylvester is a little,” and here I searched for words, “…a little fundamental for most polite company.”

“It’s so good to see someone getting on so well with my brother,” said Chantelle. “He finds it so hard to connect with people since he was ordained.”

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing today.

I thought I’d just remind you how very well received some of my hypnosis MP3’s have been. You can see a few HERE. Be sure to check them out. By using them in the evenings before you go to sleep you can enjoy the effect of hypnosis. Let me know how you get along.



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Sylvester gets a poke from behind.

When Sylvester suggested I paint breasts on the back of my life jacket, thereby giving him something interesting to look at as he paddled in the double kayak, I refrained from the desire to beat him in the head with the paddle in my hands.  We’ve taken to getting out and about on beautiful English Bay.

We’ve been doing so many chores at home recently I think we deserve a bi of a break. Just yesterday afternoon we were cleaning up an old chest of draws that had been neglected. Some candles had burned down and damaged the surface. We’re taking the finish back to the wood. I’ve been stripping while Sylvester scrapes the varnish and wax off.

I enjoy doing outdoor activities to keep my body in shape. One activity I’ve found that works very well is sea kayaking. There are a couple of things worthy of pointing out about this activity. First of all, you can crossdress, wear a wig and anything else you want, once you’re out on the water no one is going to be able to either do or say anything about it. Another great advantage to be gained from this activity is the wonderful grounded feeling one has when surrounded with this much nature.

Continue reading “Sylvester gets a poke from behind.”

Probing Fiona’s Inbox.

I had a very sweet email from a member today, and I think it worthy of sharing. As I do so, I hope you’ll enjoy this glorious video. It serves to remind us that, even among the turmoil and confusion, the world is still full of beautiful people. You are one of them.

In her message Erin mentions:

“It seems I can’t keep away. I’ve contacted you before. I’ve been a unicorn member. I have a profile on your site. You gave me the beautiful name Erin. But I’ve deleted my account and e-mail since then. I decided to stop exploring this side of me but it seems I can’t. I always get back here. I don’t know what to do.“

Erin goes on to say, “I’ve been back and forth so many times now that I can’t remember what I have and haven’t done. It is kind of stressful and I guess that is why it all becomes a bit blurry for me. I don’t know what to do. “

Well, I really do understand. While we are exploring, particularly in the early stages, we have little understanding of what is happening. Perhaps this is just a fun fetish, or maybe it’s something very much deeper. In either case, regardless of where we are on our particular journey, I tend to believe we are best trying to understand what is going on. As we learn more about ourselves, and what feels right, we get some good clues about where this is going. I know my own journey was anything but a straight line. It can be confusing and quite frightening at times. However, bringing things into the structure of a program allows us to develop in a more structured way, which so many have found more comfortable.

Additionally, while the stories and fetish side of the issues are fun, there’s also some good learning to be had from there. And diving deeper into my site you can find more information about the psychology of this (, the politics ( and of course a bit of news ( As one does accept this side of oneself you will find yourself taking a deeper interest in some of aspects of the gender non-conforming life. This can be eye opening and surprising. My reply to Erin is below.

Hi Erin,

Don’t worry. This is a side of your life worth exploring properly and not being confused about. We can work together to help you feel a little better about things. The first thing I’d suggest is to listen to this – – and really understand it. I’d also say that when doing the premium program you should allow yourself not only to dress and act in a feminine way, but allow your mind to also think in that same manner. Before long, if you give yourself to this, you will find that what you wear is really not important. It’s who you are and how you think. That rapidly becomes increasingly femme in nature. For some of us that will be expressed in clothing and mannerisms, but for some of us it is a far more psychological process. And then again, for most of us it is a combination of the those factors, resulting in us being the people we are meant to be.

I would encourage you to continue this exploration and not allow your concerns to hold you back. Only when we understand ourselves, after all, do we really start to understand others.



I think we’ve all felt like this at times. If you’d like to comment on this, go to the site and add a comment about your own experience. I know others will be interested.

As we explore we also realise this side of ourself has it’s own challenges to overcome. And we will overcome them, and I will be right here beside you as you do so.

That however is not the main reason I am writing to you today.  There’s a couple of things to tell you.  The first is that the new episode of Clothes Maketh The Man is out. Those of you loving Andy, or Andrea’s, adventures are going to enjoy this one.

The second thing I want to mention is that on my website I am increasingly finding it wise to place some of the content behind a password.  Don’t worry, there’s no charge, nor requirement for a credit card. Don’t loose your password. I am doing this purely to add a little more security to the site and protect my members. This won’t affect those of you who prefer to see content in your email, however when browsing the site don’t be too surprised if you are asked to log in.  If you’re not registered you can do that here –, and then you just log in at  

I must say I find logging in a pain at times, too. The thing is I do have to protect some of the content especially in these times when the anti-trans voices are in the ascendency. If you’re not a paying member, don’t worry, you still have all the access you’ve always had. And, of course, you will still get email with topical and exciting content as ever. The other method of enjoying my content is on my Patreon –

The sun is out in Vancouver, and sailing is getting going. I’m going to do my makeup now and slip into a wetsuit.

Have a lovely week.



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This week we are supporting Zooey Zephyr.

Saluting her bravery and courage in the face of bigotry and cowardice. Find her story here.

Getting to ‘No’. Telling co-workers to sod off without offending them.

Perhaps you already know this, but when I am not tormenting Sylvester, he of the bedroom eyes and the bathroom mind, I actually work for a living. As an account executive in an advertising agency, I am one of the busiest crossdresser’s that is ever likely to come across your desk.

In pursuit of this questionable career I have written a number of pieces associated with working in a company like this. Not least among these is the very popular “Getting to ‘No’. Telling co-workers to sod off without offending them.”

As a crossdresser working in a busy advertising agency, I am often asked to involve myself on projects that are a complete waste of time, and serve no purpose whatsoever. With this in mind I've been forced to come up with ways to extract myself from situations in the workplace with apparently plausible refusals, without actually appearing to refuse at all.

This is a short but valuable guide for people who need to say 'no', without giving offence. In it I'll deal with a few suggestions, some of which will save your corporate career. There's a few things here that may have a practical application in the personal realm, but this is more aimed at the professional workplace. I know you'll find it to be of help.

I am currently trying to lift my presence on Patreon. If you’d like to help me by becoming a Patron I’d really appreciate it. As a token of thanks I am going to give away membership of our Elite Whatsapp Group to the next ten Patrons to sign up. That’s worth $10 a month and is a great supportive way to enjoy your dressing.

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Many times it has been said that Sylvester is the living proof that homo sapiens interbred with their Neanderthal cousins. One can’t look into that low forehead, that heavy brow, or those dark eyes without wondering if you should give him a bannana.

Indeed, if his brooding look of general confusion – not an uncommon sight – leaves one thinking there’s not much going on inside that head, it is his gait that seals the deal. In fact, the way we walk says so much about us. I’m including Lisa’s video for that reason. She really is very good.

It is fair to say Sylvester’s chosen style of walking is more of a lurch than a stride. It has been said that he moves with all the grace of a horse falling out of a tree.

He really is the limit at times. I took him as a ‘plus one’ to a work function last week, and can only describe it as a disaster. I am usually more careful about who I take to work functions.

I should also say that there are thankfully many fewer work events that involve game playing, alcohol and a senior partner of the advertising company I work for playfully bouncing me on his knee at 11.30 pm. It was however to one such event that I found myself invited to and attending earlier this week.

Now, I’ve never much liked the game Charades. This is the one where you are given the name of a film, a book or a play, and you have to mime the title to the other players until one guesses what it is. I was paired up with Sylvester, which was just as well, all things considered. We play in teams of two because some of the younger staff need things explained to them. Like what a book is.

I revealed to Sylvester what we had to mime, a he immediately burst into a display I can only describe as being distasteful. The gyrating hips, the thrusting motions, and that zombie like gait. It shocked not only me, but also most of the senior staff. I think the head of HR, Brenda, is still quite damaged by the incident.

I won’t go into the details. Needless to say being unfamiliar with the book, Sylvester thought I said ‘Angela’s Rashes’ instead of ‘Angela’s Ashes’. An easy mistake to make, i suppose. It was most disturbing.

By the way, you can learn more about my workplace by reading THE CROSSDRESSER’S WORKPLACE PHRASEBOOK – which is part of the Premium Program.

Have a lovely week.



By the way I am migrating from Twitter. The place has become just too toxic. My Twitter will go dark soon. I can be found now at Mastadon here –

That’s no suspender belt!

It’s been an exciting week for the residents of Huckleberry Close. My friend and mechanic Sylvester has been hosting his brother an unemployed cheesemonger from Uvalde in Texas. Diego is a volunteer police officer, which is like a real police officer but not quite.

“Diego,” I said, after serving an enormous breakfast, “do they give you a gun?”

“Oh, no. We’re not allowed to carry guns. Volunteer peace officers don’t get to do that. But we can operate the siren in the police car,” he told me.

“I expect that’s something,” I said.

“And we get this waist coat thing,” he said. “I’ll show you,” and then went out to his car and brought in a piece of equipment that looked very military with pouches and belt straps.

As luck would have it Sylvester and Diego had to hurry off shortly after this and it was only later that I saw the utility vest lying on my couch. On a whim I tried it on, and at that very moment I got a call from Rainbow, who as you know has become a full time student training to be a counselor. She was in a panic about having to get to an interview and her moped had broken down.

“Oh, Fiona! You have to help me!” she said.

Now, as you know I am a very sympathetic person. Indeed I have been told that in a crisis I am the voice of calm.

“Don’t  worry, dear,” I said, sitting down on the sofa and tucking my legs beneath me, expecting this to be one of those conversations that go on much longer than they need to.

“But I’m such a mess! I’ve ripped my blouse and I have to get to this interview. And my hair! It’s a sight.”

“Darling,” I said.  “I shall bring you a calming cup of komboucha, and sort out everything.”

With that I skipped upstairs, found a brush and some hair spray, and a little sewing kit. Realising I was still wearing the utility vest with the word “POLICE” on the back, I thrust the can of hair spray into one of the webbing pouches, did the same with the sewing kit, and slid my large Remington hair dryer into the holster and walked out to the car. Minutes later I drew up behind Rainbow, where she was pulled over on the hard shoulder of the hiway. I put the hazzard lights on just to be sure my vehicle was safe, and stepped out of the car.

Being a bright winters day I was, of course, wearing my aviator sun glasses.

“Rainbow, dear. Don’t you worry,” I said as I walked up to her dejected form. I could see she’d torn the sleeve on her blouse. What a sight she was. Her hair was all out of place, and she was clearly a victim of ‘helmet hair”.

“Oh, thank goodness you’re here,” she said.

“Let’s get you sorted out.” I said, “Just lean up against the car so I can sew that sleeve up nicely.”

Naturally I knew I’d not have the right angle to sew her sleeve if I did it in the car.

“That’s it, dear,” I said. “Just put your hands on the bonnet, so it hangs nicely.”

As she leaned against the vehicle I swiftly ran a few stitches along the ripped seem and moments later you’d never know it had parted. I then drew out the Remington and started blow drying her hair from behind.

That was when the police car pulled up behind me.

I suppose I should be grateful that here in Canada everyone knows everyone. It was David, our local police officer. You may remember I mentioned Jeff ( to you, who looks after border control here. Well, David is his brother. Unfortunately he didn’t finish grade ten, and so never got into border control. Needless to say David took in the scene in an instant.

“That’s never going to work,” he said and got a better hair dryer from his holster. In a jiffy he had Rainbow in the back of his cruiser and drove her to the job interview, lights on and everything. We are so fortunate with our police here.

So, as you can see it’s never dull here. Now, this month I’ve been getting my Patreon running again, following the Twitter debacle. Yes, I got kicked, and yes 90,000 followers went down the river. I have been finding it so horribly toxic this last few years that I am not unhappy to be off it. However it has denied me a platform, so I am replacing it by returning to Patreon. Additionally I’ve added a special level there called ‘Behind the scenes with Fiona’ for those wanting to be a little more intimate with me.

I’ve also stepped into Mastadon, which I would say is very different from Twitter. It’s quite nice, but one has to get past the idea of building huge follower numbers. It’s more to do with engagement, and more importantly quality engagement. I can be found here –, if you’re getting into Mastodon.

You can help me by joining my Patreon here –

Enjoy the musical offering below and I hope you have had a fabulous week.

😊 Fiona

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Highlights are simply never a bad idea. For more hair ideas check out my Pinterest.

This week I am highlighting a few articles on the site which you may find of interest.  As you know I try to present a spectrum of content which is entertaining, informative and supportive. My intention is that whenever you swing by the site there’s something of interest for you. Doing my weekly email in this format may help you jump directly to what you find of interest.

If you come to the site you may find I am online and able to chat. I don’t keep set hours for this, so just drop by and see if I’m around. I do love to talk with my members, and I try to make myself available to guide you toward content that may be of special interest, or just to answer your general questions. I should also say that the new Patreon presence is beginning to really kick in.  For the coming week I am offering anyone who joins any of the Patreon levels free membership of our Elite Whatsapp Group (worth $10 a month) just to get that going a little more swiftly.

So, without further ado, here’s the round up of this weeks content. Enjoy it, and if you feel generous join as a Good Gurl to enable me to keep producing fun and informative articles for you.

The Mouse That Roared — Fiona Dobson.

A great story of passion, chastity and betrayal. Wow, that sounds like it should be a movie!

Who put the fluid in ‘gender fluid’.

I do not really consider myself laboratory material, however, I have to say that as I observe the changes in my body I cannot help but reflect on them.

The Crisis In the British Healthcare System – Philosophy Tube.

In an unusual look at how trans people are handled by the British medical system we see one persons experience. This serious account of how the medical profession wrestles with gender issues tracks the course of one person struggling to manage their transgender journey.

Fiona’s Shopping List – Eye Shadow.

A quick look at how to make the best use of eye shadow.

I like to keep both my mind and body in shape.

There’s ties when we feel the world is out of control. However, we can go some way to controlling our own body.  Enjoy a gentle yoga session, which builds you hypnosis skills.  Hypnosis requires you to calm your mind, and this helps considerably. Destress, and relax with this very feminine yoga session.

A crossdresser’s guide to Mastodon.

As Twitter continues to implode we see the rise of Mastodon. If you’re interested in using this great platform I have a few suggestions to get you started.

When it comes to feminine hygiene products, I’m your man.

Frankly I love working remotely, however the occasional meeting at the advertising agency does add some entertainment if nothing else.

Coming soon…

I hate funerals.  This one didn’t quite go as planned. Check back onto the site in the next few days to see what went down,  (Ed. Phrasing)

Part 59 of Clothes Maketh The Man will be out shortly.

As with every Friday night I post a piece of music you might enjoy. I wonder what tonight’s will be.

Enjoy the site and swing by and say hello.



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Spurt some lotion on me!

Well, what can I say.  I think you know I love to go sailing, and fishing, and all those good things. However as a busy crossdressing advertising executive I do have to earn a crust.

I am pleased to say that the company I work in does embrace working from home. So, more often than not I do work from my kitchen table. All this is well and good. However, when a good friend suggests we head south for the winter and find warmer climes for a little, the appeal of being at home in Vancouver’s inclement winter weather being at home has its drawbacks. So much better to be working a stones throw from the beach in, say, Mexico.

With that in mind I packed up my swimsuits, bikinis and fishing rod and decided that this trannie needs an infusion of sun. For the next month I’ll be writing from Mexico and covering all my many responsibilities from a warmer location.  Which is why right now I am wearing an orange bikini top, Daisy Duke shorts and sandals.

This comes at a time when I am seeing a great deal upheaval in the online world. Twitter unceremoniously dumped 10 – yes 10, count them – of my Twitter accounts. Over 90,000 followers left in the lurch. Thanks Elon, you fat douche. I’ve relocated to Mastadon – However, I have always liked the ability to dash off a quick tweet to my members. This forced me into a little bit of a rethink. And the conclusion I reached was a little surprising.

A lot has changed online in the last three years. I’ve been connecting with my members for over six years now, and it will be seven in March. So, it’s unsurprising that the online landscape has changed a bit. About three years ago I got kicked off Patreon. Well, my content has shifted a bit, and Patreon’s policies have changed a little, so with the loss of Twitter I’ve decided to fill the gap by returning to Patreon.

My new Patreon presence is a little different though. This time round it will be a little more ‘behind the scenes with Fiona’ in it’s feeling. You can also now use that as a method to buy the other levels of membership – Good Gurls – Seahorses – Premium Program – but now I’ve added a new tier, Behind the scenes with Fiona.  This is really for people who want to let me sit on their knee as I go through my daily adventures and tributlations. I’ll be sharing the day to day events of your favorite crossdressing advertising executive there for just $9.99 a month.

The high waist is a perfect way to make the swimsuit your own look. Add a wrap and you’re decent for dinner.

If you’re not sure about it give it a try for a month.  You can find it here. Of course all my other content will be continuing as before, though now with some rather neat refinements to make it even more titillating.  Sylvester loves it when I use that word, by the way. You know, he really can be rather coarse at times.

Of course, if you go behind the scenes with me you’ll be hearing a lot  more information about what goes on in Mexico over the next month, and you can enjoy it directly on Patreon’s App. It’s a cool little set up. You’ll be helping me a lot if you go over there and have a look at it.

In the meantime, Just so you know, I am posting content virtually daily now on the site. There’s a lot of new material, and often you can visit the site and find me chatting there. It’s not a bot, it’s really me. I love chatting on the system with my lovely members.

I’m also pleased to bring something else to your attention.  You may have heard Jules Sanderson voicing some of my stories lately.  Well, Jules is a counselor and will be offering counseling to members who are struggling with gender identity issues. That will be happening in the new year, and will be billed out by Jules. If this is an area you feel you might need help in drop me a line and I will pass those enquiries over to Jules.

Now, there’s a young man looking at me quizzically and holding a couple of margueritas hopefully.  I think I’ll invite him over to sit on my left hand while I proof read this message and then send it to you.



PS. Leaving Vancouver behind for a while is a double edge sword. I can’t bring all the things I love from that beautiful city. Enjoy Bryan Adams.

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It’s not about being less of a man – it’s about being a better person.

It’s always a pleasure talking online with my web visitors. I try to man the chat system at least three hours a day, and I’m always around on email.

Our Whatsapp Group for Elite Members is also a chat mechanism. Anyway, this evening I had a lovely first time visitor feeling a little ashamed as he’d never thought of himself having a feminine name. And yet they clearly wanted to allow this wonderful side of their personality to emerge. I am here for exactly this type of support.

One thing that got mentioned was, “Am I less of a man, wanting to do this?”

The answer, as so clearly demonstrated by Julius Braddock in An English Country Garden, is a resounding ‘No!’. If you read the remarkable story, you’ll see so very clearly that Braddock is no shrinking violet. As with so many of my members, Braddock is a person who has a developing personality, and a wonderful perspective on life. Be sure to have a read if you want an alternative view on issues of masculinity – and the development of the more complex person.



A little about my busy work day.

What a busy week it’s been . I’ve also nearly been rushed off my crossdressing advertising executive feet with work.

To give you an idea of my life at the agency I can give you a little window into typical day, since I know you’re sure to be interested.

Just yesterday I had to run into the office, which I generally avoid these days, but there were two or three meetings I had to attend. The agency handles a number of pro bono accounts for charities, and I often oversee these.

Called into the boardroom I listened to the new ideas for the Eczema fundraising campaign. Call it my sensitive nature, if you like, but when I get a good idea in my head it really is like an itch I have to scratch, which is why I keep such a tight handle on the accounts I run. I like to keep a close eye on the way the our clients are represented. I really don’t know why Desmond, one of the young account executives, would think that a scratch and win card would be an appropriate fund raising campaign for that particular account.

I was cornered at the watercooler between meetings at one point, by one of the boys in Creative.

“Fiona,” said Jeff, “you remember the lady that did that presentation on ‘Sexual Harassment in the Workplace’?”

“Which one,” I replied. “There were two of them. The tall one or the short one?”

“The one with the great rack,” said Jeff.

“Oh, that would be Joan,” I replied as I slipped away thinking that the workshop was lost on some of the boys in Creative. There was a smell of irony hanging in the air as I made my way back to my office to meet with the Leprosy Awareness Foundation delegation, who have asked us to come up with some ideas for their funding drive in a month or two.

An advertising agency brings a lot to a non-profit organisation such as this one. Sometimes the distance that an outside view can bring to an account will make all the difference. So, mentioning to the two very tightly wrapped and suited ladies sitting in my office, that a finger buffet may not be the best type of event at which to showcase their good work on behalf of the Foundation was something I had to tactfully suggest.

These are just some of the things that fill my day. You cannot imagine the relief of getting home, kicking off my heels and settling down for a nice cup of tea at the end of the day, Hannibal, my dachshund, sitting in my lap as I listen to a few gentle tracks to relax at the end of the day. I usually slip into some nice leggings and do a few stretches to finally let go of the office stress.

If you love to take great selfies, you might find the series I am running on the site this month of interest. You can find The Crossdresser’s Guide To Selfies HERE. Remember there’s a ton of free content on the site which you can access by drilling down through the tags at the end of the posts.

I do hope you’re enjoying the content on my site. If you’ve not already done so be sure to join one of my programs. If you’re already in one, thank you. I really do appreciate the support of my members. Oh, that reminds me! I have to prepare some ideas for a new client that manufactures brassieres.

Have a lovely week.